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Goph in One 🏌️‍♂️

[Challenge Status: Inactive-for-hiring]


Develop a minimalistic client (in golang) using websocket (ws and not wss) to send a "hello" message to a server and print the server's response. The twist? Your goal is to make the executable binary as tiny as possible!


  • Input: Your client should be able to connect to a predefined websocket server endpoint.
  • Action: Upon successfully connecting, your client should send a message containing the word "hello" to the server.
  • Output: Print the server's response to the console.


Your score will be based on the size of your compiled Go binary for linux target.

The smaller the better! Your submission will be selected for an interview if the binary size is below 10 KBytes

Check the verified scores table below


  • Source code of your minimalistic websocket client.
  • Compiled binary.
  • A brief write-up on the techniques and methods you employed to minimize the binary size.

Send an email to palash [at] CCing rishika [at] with the submission

May the smallest binary win! Happy golfing! 🏌️‍♂️🔌🔍


1Pratham 🏆500 B17-Dec-23-
2Fenil1000 B20-Dec-2341d35893521e2df5809d86c6a40d15ea3d49f502
3@palashgo6728 B27-Nov-235048f17234e13d4e47c293903b1807ecd40a212a
4@anunaym1412464 B23-Nov-23aef2c1333aa9998da55e8a69645d3cac9cbd076f